1310 Grand Ave, West Des Moines


Welcome to El Rey Burritos, where the heart of Mexico meets the soul of flavor! Serving West Des Moines El Rey Burritos is not just a restaurant; it's a culinary fiesta that invites you to savor the vibrant and authentic tastes of Mexican cuisine. At El Rey, we take pride in crafting mouthwatering burritos and more, inspired by the rich tapestry of Mexican culinary traditions.


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Stephanie Wood


"Literally the best steak burrito I've ever had. This is the bar that I hold all other burritos to and none compare. And I've had thousands of burritos. Seriously get the regular steak burritos. Or anything. It's all good. But the burrito is great!"

Laura Hinkeldey


"Awesome food and Awesome service! Food is very flavorful and the selection is Great! Portions are very generous and prices are very reasonable. Staff is friendly and accommodating.

If you haven't already tried them out, I highly suggest you do! You won't be disappointed."

Hillary McMahon


"My daughter gave me this recommendation; I had Chorizo and Egg's, my grandmother had a Taco. Good food and good atmosphere. Nice conversation with the owner."